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Product evaluation

Case Study:
Hands on device evaluation in Brazil

Our client wishes to market a lower cost device in Brazil to match the pricing of the products manufactured in China now entering the market.  Aims were to discover if their lower cost product was an acceptable alternative to their higher end product and other competing products.



safety needles


Key challenge
Brazil is a highly diverse country, therefore it was crucial that our sample covered a large geographical spread with a mixture of private and public centres represented. 

We conducted focus groups across 5 major Brazilian cities with different socio-demographic profiles in which end users simulated using a range of brands on  mannequins and provided feedback/rating of products.

We demonstrated that the lower cost device was an acceptable alternative, and with this information our client was able to successfully market this product in Brazil.

“I appreciated Medex’s recommendations on how best to execute the study to ensure our needs were met. They were flexible in tailoring the approach so that we had input from a sufficient number of participants across varied demographics and did so within our budget and tight time frame. The final report was comprehensive and was delivered according to schedule."
Associate Director, WW Marketing 



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