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Case Study:
Using KOLs to identify needs for next generation devices

Our client is at the forefront of cardiac technologies and needed to collect market intelligence to evolve next-generation products.



tim longland interviewing


Key challenge
Scheduling KOL interviews in a  1 week  period  across Europe is a nerve wracking task when you know your clients are investing a lot of time travelling from the USA to listen in to these interviews.  We successfully recruited 15 KOLS across Germany, UK and Netherlands of which 14 were interviewed at depth at the scheduled time.

The outcome
The clients gained first hand experience on what KOLs were thinking about new technologies and what was needed in the way of devices, and with this information the client was able to steer internal R&D/product development in the required direction.

 "Medex Research has been my preferred market research partner for 8 years.  Medex  provides the professional, reliable, comprehensive and timely results that my company needs.
The customer support is superior and I especially appreciate how well the Medex Research team understands the business that my company is in.  It is a great combination: the knowledge of market research techniques and the understanding of the business segment."

Sr Director, Strategic Market Analysis



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